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OK, the Winni Loon loves him some waterfront on the big lake (Winnipesaukee, duh!).  You’d think a bird wouldn’t need a whole lot in the way of creature comforts but YOU’D BE WRONG!  He has very high standards when it comes to a lake house.  Thankfully, so do many others, so there are quite a few places on Winni that’ll fit the bill (pun sooo intended).

Case in point, 19 Sawyers Point Rd, Tuftonboro.  The numbers (including the price) will blow you away.  6500sqft, 5 bed, 5 bath, 1.1 acres, 220ft waterfront, $3.895M.  Wow, you say, what a place.  Stop it, I’m not done yet. 


It has what might be the hardest-to-find combo around:  boathouse and in-ground pool.



I don’t know about you, but that lake doesn’t ever really warm up for very long.  It’s a short season, no doubt.  That pool gives you so much more of a summer when you’re not ready to dip your toe in the lake or round about early September when the temps really fall off.

And the boathouse, come on!  If you have Winni waterfront with a boathouse, you are officially a big dog.  No boathouse?  You ain’t no big dog.  Sorry Governor’s Island peeps, don’t see a lot of boathouses over there.

Time to nit pick a little though.  Central A/C is not listed which many won’t care about but at this price and quality it seems like a major fail.  Hot, muggy nights are for camps, not this place. 

Also, it has what’s known in the industry as a “perched beach”.  What a crock that is.  They took a bag of beach sand and dumped it on the grass near the edge of the water.  Some beach, huh?


Check out more pics on  They say it’s been on the market for 135 days but also show it listed back in 2009 for a whole lot more, $4.495M.  It’s basically been on the market since then so the seller might take $3M and a ham sandwich at this point.  I’ve known some houses to sit on the market a while but this is nutz!  Keep that in mind when you buy a big $$$ house, it might not be the easiest thing to move one day.  Up keep and a $20k annual tax bill for a short-season vaca house can be hard to stomach unless you are crazy have boatloads of cash!

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